PMI Minnesota Solves Vacation Rental Issues in Minnesota Lakes Area

The popularity of vacation rentals continue to rise in Crow Wing and surrounding counties as vacationers are drawn to a comfortable home setting in our local atmosphere. Throughout the Lakes Area in Minnesota, there has been an explosion in this newest cottage industry! For vacationers, it is a cost-effective alternative to a hotel. For secondary homeowners and investors, it has been a booming industry, which has created the fastest growing segment in Real Estate. 

Unfortunately, as with most new industries, there have been a lot of growing pains along the way. Because of the high return on investment, many folks have jumped in with little understanding of the many problems and negative impact mismanaged short-term rentals can have on the property, and on their neighbors. Many have found that without professional management, owning a vacation rental can quickly turn into a nightmare as frustrated neighbors complain about large groups of unruly partiers ruining property and upsetting the friendly, local atmosphere we enjoy throughout the greater Brainerd Lakes area. PMI Minnesota is the solution! 

We firmly believe the answer is NOT more local and county ordinances which attempt to further regulate the use of private property. Many of these “solutions” being floated around are born out of a desire to protect the community and neighbors, but in the end, would violate the constitutional rights of homeowners. As the number one vacation property management company in the country, PMI has an understanding of the many issues which can arise with short-term rentals and we have the policies, systems, and tools to solve each of them. 

The fact is, there are many positive impacts when short term vacation rentals are properly maintained and managed. Local vacation rentals provide the ability of homeowners and investors to connect with renters and generate additional income and, in some cases, doing this may even allow a homeowner to avoid eviction or foreclosure. More commonly it allows a family to afford a vacation home because it provides the ability to share the property with others when they are not using it.  Vacation Rentals also bring in revenue to communities that would not otherwise host as many tourists. In addition, it is not uncommon for a Vacation Rental guest of fall in love with a particular area and end up buying a home or secondary cabin due to their positive experience. 

I will publish a series of upcoming articles and videos which will go into specific detail concerning each of the many issues which arise from VRBOs and the specific solution that PMI Minnesota provides. We are the “modernization of property management” and provide management services and solutions that simply have not previously been seen in our area. We would sincerely challenge ANYONE to contact us and let us explain how each and every one of the issues concerning short-term rentals has a solution. Whether you are a short-term Vacation Rental owner, or a frustrated neighbor, or on a council discussion on how to solve our current issues- call us! We will prove to you that we have the solutions for all issues facing Vacation Rentals. We build a higher ROI for owners while creating a better experience for neighbors, the community, and the quests!