How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Naperville, IL?

How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Naperville, IL?

Think about the process you go through as a landlord. You invest in properties and hand the keys to someone you don't know in exchange for rent money. As you can imagine, there is risk involved.

Of course, you can protect yourself in several ways. You can charge a security deposit and run a background check. But you can also perform rental property inspections.

Setting up a rental property inspection schedule is a must-do for all landlords. How often should you do these, though? Continue reading to learn more about this topic for your Naperville, IL, rental properties.

Importance of Rental Property Inspections

As a landlord, you have a lot to do, which might cause you to skip crucial steps. However, you should prioritize a rental property inspection timeline. You need to conduct property inspections.

Inspecting a property is the only way you can learn about its condition. You can use a rental property inspection checklist when conducting these, and you should do them regularly.

Some landlords use property management software to keep their schedules, while others hire property management companies.

Of course, you must learn rental property inspection laws in Illinois to ensure you handle these legally. You must also learn tenant rights to ensure you abide by these.

Vital Times to Inspect Properties

Your schedule should include property inspections at specific times. Here are the primary ones to include on your schedule:

When Tenants Move Out

You'll attract higher-quality tenants if you provide excellent rental properties. Inspecting a property after a tenant moves out helps you achieve this goal.

You can inspect the unit and make the necessary repairs before the next tenant moves into the apartment.

When Tenants Move In

Even though you inspect units when tenants move out, you should still inspect them when new tenants move in. The purpose is to inspect the unit with the new tenant to document its condition.

This inspection offers a chance for the new tenant to point out any issues they find when moving into it.


Property maintenance requires routine services. This means you should inspect your properties at least once a year. If you only inspect units when tenants move in and out, you might not inspect some units for years.

An annual inspection helps you keep up with the work your units need. You should include this in your lease agreements, letting your tenants know about your annual inspections.

When You Receive Complaints

Finally, always inspect a rental property when you receive a complaint. This complaint might come from the tenant living there or a neighbor. Complaints might require rental property maintenance or repairs.

Seek Help With Your Rental Properties

Rental property inspections help you determine what work properties need and detect problems at an early stage. They're a vital part of your business, so create and follow a schedule.

You can simplify the process by hiring a property management firm to help you.

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